Spirituality in the Anime Blogosphere: Christians as Black Rock Shooters, Kiritsugu’s Wish in a Sinful World, and a Religion of No Underpants

Zeroe4 elegantly compares to the world of Black★Rock Shooter to ours and calls us all “Black Rock Shooters of sorts.” [Zeroe4]

John predicts the new Bible manga will be useful for some, but lacking for others. [AnimeNation]

Katherine discusses the idea of humanity, free will, and choosing evil in examining the result of Kiritsugu’s wish, if it comes true. [GAR GAR Stegosaurus]

Bianca Montes of UT-Arlington’s student newspaper gives us some family background (including that she is “rocking a few tattoos as a Christian”) to contextualize the idea of openness and tolerance she identified in her first visit to an anime convention. [The Shorthorn]

And finally, something would be amiss if I didn’t mention Draggle and friends’ thoughtful study and theories about…the lack of underpants and religious practice in Queen’s Blade society.  Here are some particularly delightful snippets from the collaborative effort [Draggle’s Anime Blog]:

Much like the Israelites wandering in the wilderness of Canaan were forbidden from worshipping idols after they repeatedly tried to do so, the religion of Queen’s Blade actively forbade pants as blasphemous and idolatrous after women, possessed by demons, began to wear them. Clearly, the god of Queen’s Blade is a pervert. There will be no virgin birth in this world.


As the series has shown us, males are inherently unholy creatures. They are unable to partake in the worship of god and wear pants (a mark of the unclean) shamelessly.


In a society concerned primarily with fertility and the worship thereof, it makes sense that pants would be eschewed. After all, pants get in the way of both the sexual act of fertilizing the egg, and the worship of the sacred bearer of fertility.


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