ACCA: Hope Despite Uncertainty

Only one episode remains in ACCA. The story has come so far, and although some of the recent episodes have been weaker, there’s still a lot of potential for a satisfying conclusion. There is still one more episode to go, and if feels like we know so little. The ending looms uncertainly, but Jean has a plan, we just have no idea what it is, and neither do most of the other characters.

ACCA 13-ku
Hmm, I wonder if this is foreshadowing.

As much as all the mystery in ACCA is appealing, sometimes it almost chokes the plot. Jean knows what’s going on, but what is he planning to do about it? Either his scheme is something clever, or a tactic so boring the only way the creators could maintain suspense was by concealing it entirely. What bothers me is that the people supporting Jean don’t know either. If he fails, he has no one who’s also in on all the secrets to give him a hand.

ACCA 13-ku
A+ Friendship

Mauve, who is strategically his best ally, in the dark. I can already see where this is going: he’s distancing himself to absolve her of suspicion. It would be easier to judge his wisdom in this if we knew what he’s going to do. He probably thinks of it is as trust, but he could cause massive confusion and chaos. It might not matter either way. As nice as it would be for him to be a little more forthcoming, it’s true that the possibility for a misunderstanding is inevitable.

ACCA 13-ku
Warbler brings the most reasonable reaction so far.

Despite these frustrating circumstances, Mauve still trusts Jean, though she may have a hard time understanding why he seems to be excluding her. She has seen something in his character worth relying on. The future may be uncertain, but she supports him still. While this point of the story might feel vague, it’s true that we ourselves never know what’s coming until it’s gone. Through it all, God is with us, but everything is so confusing. His guidance isn’t always clear, or if it is sometimes we don’t see it until after the fact. But still we choose to place our hopes in him, and he is always faithful.

ACCA 13-ku
I know that they’re communicating really sophisticated things through these vague statements and I can’t help but think that that’s how people die.

Clearly there are no good assassins in Dowa. I’d say maybe it’s because they’ve just had 100 years of peace, but what with the conniving nature of the royal family I’d think their espionage would have been perfected to near invisibility. I’m glad Nino’s alive, and the scene he had with Jean was worth the clumsy assassination scene. I look forward to seeing how his character arc will end. Warbler is probably going to be important somehow, and I’m pleased someone finally has a dissenting opinion. No matter what the final episode brings, I have enjoyed ACCA, and while there’s a possibility for a bland ending, I still hope it will be brilliant.

ACCA 13-ku

Murasaki Lynna

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