May 2017 Pixiv Round-up: Grand Order, April Lies, and Academia Heroes

I love fan-created works, and especially fan art. Pixiv, a site that brings Japanese artists together to display their manga-style works, similar as to how Deviant Art does the same for English-speaking artists, is one of my favorite site featuring fan art. There’s something about anime (and lots of other forms of media) that speak to our souls, and the same can be said for art that imitates those series and movies. Here are some of my favorite pieces that I discovered over the last month, all published with permission. I hope you enjoy them!

All illustrations posted with permission. Links given below:

  1. Sakura Saber (art by art by )
  2. Rin and Archer (art by Ekita玄)
  3. Kaori (art by EMO)
  4. Saber (art by poapo)
  5. Classroom (art by wataboku)
  6. Jeanne Alter (art by 覺醒)
  7. Mitsuki (art by 雪漣月)
  8. Ochako (art by マッパニナッタ)
  9. Boku no Hero Academia (art by ake)
  10. Featured illustration by 霜葉 

6 thoughts on “May 2017 Pixiv Round-up: Grand Order, April Lies, and Academia Heroes

    1. I guarantee you that the mistake was due to sloppiness. I post enough Jeanne Alters that even I know the difference. 😁

  1. Hi, these are pretty awesome fanarts, you can seriously see the efforts puts into it. Definitely, jealous of talented people like the creators of these, but i have nothing but respect for them. Really love no. 5, and personally, no. 3

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