Call for New Staff: Artists, Designers, and Bloggers

Beneath the Tangles has undergone many changes since it first began in 2010, not least of which is in what media we explore with our site. While this blog will always center on writing, media has become more and more a part of what we also develop and post. To meet these needs, I’m putting a call out specifically for a resident artist and for a graphic designer. I would also love to have a third staffer join, a blogger who is focused on the frequent grind of analyzing one or more popular shounen series.

Adding any additional staff is a big change for a blog. Any new staffers will need to very good at their craft; I’m looking for excellent, well-practiced artists and strong writers, all with a commitment in joining in our mission with consistency. In return, you’ll be able to develop your expertise while joining a supportive community of writers volunteering in a unique ministry.

All those applying must complete a staff application. Additional components are mentioned below in the description for each of the open positions. Positions will remain open until filled. Application packets should be emailed to us.

Resident Artist

We’re looking for an artist who can create work that we can use on our website and social media pages. This artist may develop some original art, but will mostly be counted on to sketch/paint/draw fan art pieces. More thorough, finished work may be posted on our Instagram and Tumblr accounts; less finished pieces may be requested for use on specific articles here on the blog. Please see our shimai site, All You Shining Stars, for an example of how art may be incorporated into the blog (and also for an idea of the quality we’re seeking). Please submit art examples with your application.

Graphic Designer

Our graphic designer will be project-focused, so there is little consistency to this position. The designer may be called upon to develop postings for special events (ex. giveaways) or do larger projects, such as a site redesign (though there’s no such plan to do so at this time). Though not required, it would be helpful if this individual has experience with social media accounts, so that he or she may offer advice on developing those beyond art design; web design background would also be very helpful. The graphic designer position may be combined with the resident artist position, depending on the individual’s qualifications and interest. Please submit design examples with your application.

Shounen Blogger

Shounen series drive much of the English-speaking audience of anime fans, and they generally want to engage others about new chapters or episodes shortly after they post. I’m seeking a blogger who is an expert in one or preferably more shounen series and willing to contribute frequently in posting strong analysis of new chapters or episodes of a selected series as they come out. The blogger must have an engaging voice, be able to write at an advanced level, and know how to use screen captures appropriately. This position has a wide degree of independence and will be provided legal access to reading/watching material. Please submit pertinent writing examples with your application. Selected respondents will also be asked to do a sample blog post as part of the review process.

Thank you for your interest! If you have any questions, feel free to send an email or post in the comment section below.



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