Step 1: Partner with Beneath the Tangles. Step 2: Win an Awesome Re:Zero Figma of Rem!

We’re closing in on the final days of our Patreon Drive—in fact, tomorrow is your last chance at winning very cool Re:Zero merchandise by becoming a patron, including an awesome Rem figure made by Max Factory. By pledging $5 a month, you’ll be entered in the drawing for the figure and the runner-up light novel prizes. Additional funds grant you additional entries, while also moving up to further levels of patronage and qualifying to receive other annual goodies!

I’ll tell you now that your chances of winning are very high—any gambler would definitely take this bet! But of course, this isn’t a bet; you’ll be helping our website and brand grow and grow! We don’t put ads on our site or put any money into our pockets; all funds we raise and anything that come from myself and the other volunteers are invested into what we do, so that we can create better content that engages you, our dear readers and followers.

Consider Partnering Financially with Beneath the Tangles

We hope that you’ll consider giving! Again, tomorrow is your last chance to qualify. And as always, we appreciate all of you out there, both those who donate and those who partner with us just by commenting, following, and reading, but we offer a special thanks to our patrons, who have become necessary for the growth and expansion of Beneath the Tangles. Take care, all, and God bless!


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