Beneath the Tangles Will be at Crunchyroll Expo 2018!

One of the absolute coolest anime-related events in America is Crunchyroll, and this year, Beneath the Tangles will have a presence there! We’re super excited to join in the festivities, as we join the crowds, soak up the con air, and conduct interviews with some of the amazing folks on the guest list (we’re already scheduled for a couple, and I’m super excited to bring you articles based on those conversations). We’ll also be live tweeting all weekend long, providing commentary and lots of photos. Make sure you’re following our account to keep track of us!

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T.R., the administrator of Golden Plume Press, an OEL manga firm, has graciously agreed to be our man on the ground at the event. He previously did the same for us for Anime Expo, and also been a gracious benefactor—be on the lookout for him this weekend if you’re attending, and please give him a follow on Twitter, where his company has a major presence. And if you’re attending CRX, let us know in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “Beneath the Tangles Will be at Crunchyroll Expo 2018!

  1. I so wanted to attend an anime expo in my city a few weeks ago in my city, but didn’t have company to go with. The last time Id been to one was so many moons ago with my brother. We went to LA, about 700 miles from where I live, and checked in at a nearby hotel ( all hotels were full )…. it was a 3 day event.


    1. Oh, that sounds like fun! I go to a lot more these days than I used to, but it’s more for just generating content for the blog and our other platforms. I’ve never had a RL community to attend cons with, so they’ve never been about fun for me. -_-‘

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