Check Out My Anime Bracket (and Enter Yours!)

Our site’s Anime March Madness tournament begins on Monday. We are super excited for all the craziness as 32 anime series duke it out to see who comes out on top. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood has won the previous three years—can anyone knock the Elric brothers off? Will Haikyuu! finally make it to the top? Has My Hero Academia reached that status where it can now defeat the champ? How about Fairy Tail, a wildly popular entrant that’s new to the field this year?

I’m going to let you in on a secret (by the way, I gave even more hints to our Patrons earlier this week!)—my dark horse candidate this year, largely based on their overwhelming win against tough competition in the play-in games, is Violet Evergarden. Want to see who else I picked? Check out the bracket I filled in:

I encourage you to fill out a bracket, too! Besides the fun of it all, you can win a super cool Funko POP figure of Alphonse Elric playing with kitties. I wish I could keep it for myself, but I promise, it’s purchased and waiting for one of you all out there!

Check out the bracket to submit your own and enter the contest!

Good luck to everyone, and have fun voting this coming month!

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