Anime March Madness 2019: Opening Round

Welcome to the opening round of Anime March Madness 2019! Each Monday, this month, a new round will commence as anime go head to head and advance based on your votes*. The championship will occur on April 1st. We encourage you to vote here and to head over to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, where voting will also occur. Good luck to all the anime, and have fun helping us determine the one anime to rule them all March Madness champion!

Shounen / Popular Region





Critical Darlings Region





Staff Favorites Region





2018 Anime Region





*Generally, voting ends on Friday at midnight eastern time, though staff reserves the right to change the voting cut-off time based on timing and scheduling factors. You may be able to continue voting on the above polls past the cut-off, though your vote then may not count.

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  1. In me and Rachel’s Spanish class for our Spanish project we’re doing a bracket Spanish countries edition

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