RESULTS: Anime March Madness 2019 Round 4 (Final Four)

Each Saturday, we’ll do a quick recap of the week’s results. Come back on Monday for both a detailed rundown of how the round went and the polls for the next round!

(1) Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, 58% def (5) Cowboy Bebop, 42%

(2) Violet Evergarden, 50.4% def (1) Your Lie in April, 49.6%

The finals match is set!

2019 Anime March Madness Finals

(1) Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood v. (2) Violet Evergarden


10 thoughts on “RESULTS: Anime March Madness 2019 Round 4 (Final Four)

  1. I’ve finished watching Tokyo Mew Mew and Love Live! Now I’m watching RWBY vol. 1 and Nichijou!

  2. I just saw this. I’ll just tell you what happened on here. 1.Alley likes Wyatt and 2.Wyatt and Alley are more than friends 😭😢

  3. (Alley is one of the girls in Wyatt’s/My crush’s grade) actually I don’t think she likes him,I’m pretty sure she was joking 🙃

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