Anime March Madness 2019: Championship (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood v. Violet Evergarden)

One semifinal was more of the same. The other was decided by three votes.

The championship match in our 2019 Anime March Madness Tournament begins today, with defending champ Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood going up again upstart Violet Evergarden. The latter is the biggest surprise of this tournament, the first it’s participating in (Violet hadn’t finished airing when last year’s tournament started), and it took the most breathtaking of routes to get there. In its semifinal match, it went up against #1 seed Your Lie in April, which after the first couple of days, seemed destined to move forward. But particularly through its popularity on the Facebook polls, Violet kept it close and pulled ahead in the last day or two. It ended up winning by less than 1% of the vote. A thrilling finish!

FMAB, on the other hand, continued its all-time undefeated streak. It had perhaps its most difficult route in four years of making it to the finals, fending off a strong effort by My Hero Academia two weeks ago and Cowboy Bebop last week, but still pulled through without being too threatened. Cowboy Bebop made it interesting, but Fullmetal still took 58% of the vote.

Can Violet Evergarden overcome the behemoth that is Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood? Well, that’s up to you! Vote on our finals match and determine the winner of this year’s tournament!

But before we get to the poll, one more announcement—the winner of our bracket challenge for the tournament is Alan! He pulled ahead in the last couple of weeks and has secured victory, and also the prize for winning—a very cool Alphonse Elric Funko.



Didn’t win our contest? Still want the cool Funko of Al with kitties? You can find it here!



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  1. Finally
    Happy April everyone!
    Love will hopefully be in the air for me and Wyatt this month,next month and part of June (since Love is only in the air during the spring)
    Or is it in the other seasons too?

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