Fanart: Kancolle Rescuers in the Australian Bushfires

While much needed rain has helped the bushfire situation in Australia, it’s not quelled the flames entirely—firefighters continue to courageously do the work of ending the fires. We have a number of readers and even a staff member who lives in Australia, and we emphasize the need to help if you can and pray for their well-being, as well as for the devastating ecological consequences.

Australian artist, 葉凡, has drawn a series of illustrations related to the fires with an anime twist that we’re sharing here—another to bring awareness to the on-going catastrophe.

葉凡 Into the fire 」 ☆

オーストラリア森林火災 (2019年-2020年) – ウィキペディア

葉凡 God smiles 」 ☆

Cobargo. 386km South of Sydney, NSW.

葉凡 Leaving everything behind 」 ☆

Flinders Chase National Park. 100km from Kingscote.

葉凡 Burnover 」 ☆

Yerriyong, Calymea Creek.140km South of Sydney, NSW.

>> all illustrations reprinted with permission

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