TangleCast 72: My Hero Academia Heroes Rising

What is up, otaku?! Is is the eve of Heroes Rising, and we’re gonna get you ready for the big event. Tomorrow, My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising hits the big screen in North America, and the team is ready to let you know whether it’s worth a watch, and for those that have already seen it, the most thought-provoking parts of a surprisingly deep film. We’ve carefully marked spoilers in the podcast and in the time stamps below, so listen only to what you want. And remember, PLUS ULTRA!

0:00 Introduction and Anime March Madness
3:57 Last episode’s Cast Question
6:09 New Cast Question
13:17 My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Quiz! [minor spoilers]
21:55 My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising DiscussionIntroduction
23:49 Discussion—General impressions
29:10 Discussion—Movie choices [spoilers begin]
33:53 Discussion—Deku’s heart and Bakugou’s heart
42:07 Discussion—Ratings [spoilers end]
44:00 Closing

We want your feedback as well! Each week we ask a question on the podcast and feature your answers on the next episode. Here’s this week’s CQ (Cast Question): Which of the known quirks from My Hero Academia would you want and why?

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6 thoughts on “TangleCast 72: My Hero Academia Heroes Rising

  1. Hey, thanks for using my joke, y’all.
    I’d imagine I’d probably have All Might’s ability since it seems the power powerful and well rounded if I had to choose. I’d probably prefer to be a normal guy though since I think the super hero genre can lead towards the state of envy.

  2. Twitter

    Samuru (staff): Shoto’s ice/fire


    Gaheret (staff): Momo Yaoyorozu´s. With enough training, you could do almost anything you could think of.


    zhockerzo (mututal): One for All. One for All. One for All. One for All

    myles.netherton (mutual): I would want Yaoyarozu’s creation quirk so that I could make all upcoming action figures showcased from Comicon, that way, I would no longer have to wait months/even years for them to come out, needless to mention save money. My only concern is that this practice would demand massive lipid consumption, so if in the event that would go overboard, I’d might require an organ donor. But I would have a completed collection of Storm Collectibles, and hopefully would not need anymore figures going forward!

    frankiemorga: All for One

    Goyaaangi (mutual): Todoroki :3 so I can either burn people or freeze them over when I’m mad hahahahaha ~

    jamiejc2106: All for one because it’s so versatile

    zero_sama_john: Overhaul it would be fun to mess around with just taking things apart and fixing things

    treyrobinson_____ (mutual): I would want overhaul (without being evil lol) because it would be really useful in helping people

    a_randomaccount_rame05: Momo: I can create anything and I even have an excuse for eating a lot

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