Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, everyone!

On this day, we celebrate that Christ has risen, and with him so have all we who believe in his name. His death and victory paved the way for our own salvation, for life now and into eternity. What a thing to commemorate. What a joy to know!

I hope that this week’s post also helped point you toward the risen LORD. Though none were about Easter, and not all even mentioned faith, they still spoke of him in a most subtle and still striking way. Here’s a rundown on the articles we posted:

As we discussed disability in anime this week, I hope it reminded you of the diversity of humankind. We are all different and yet brought under the umbrella of God’s great love. And in fact, Jesus was different, too: Though a religious leader, he did not fit into any of the parties of his day, his background was considered disreputable, he was rejected as Messiah by a people wanting a leader of a different kind, his accent and station in life far from that admired by the crowd. And yet his life demonstrated the ferocity with which he loved the downcast, the poor, the humble, the children, women—those who mattered little in the culture of turn of the millennia Palestine. They were all of worth in his eyes, and he was and is most worthy of all.

If you’re in need of a streaming worship service this Sunday, and don’t know which church to attend, we’ve created a list of possible choices. We urge you to check it out.

And to everyone, we hope you have a wonderful and joyous Easter holiday!

Featured illustration by Nengoro (reprinted w/permission)


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