TangleCast Feature: Macy Gives the Team a Voice Acting Lesson

As our TangleCast podcast continues to roll on, we’re looking for new ways to engage our listeners with fun and interesting content. One new aspect we’ve added is video! We recorded video of our last TangleCast episode, and while full episodes may not happen, we’re planning to take interesting clips and post them here and on our YouTube channel. I think you’ll enjoy them—these will be the especially insightful moments from the episodes or, as in today’s video, a portion that you never got hear!

In episode 80, voice actress Macy Anne Johnson joined us to talk Serial Experiments Lain. But we also talked to her about acting and life, and that led to this fun “lesson” she gave Holly, Peter, and David in voice acting:

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2 thoughts on “TangleCast Feature: Macy Gives the Team a Voice Acting Lesson

  1. !!!
    This made me smile so hard. Thank you so much for this. Macy is so super nice, and joyful, and encouraging. I would love to see her back on and would possibly take lessons from her. I love this kind of “inside baseball” discussions about jargon and strategy for voice acting.

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