Throwback Thursday: Revisiting Former Columns

All year long, I’ve been posting Throwback Thursday columns as we celebrate ten years in existence. It’s been a lot of fun digging through old posts and memories and recollecting life and aniblogging, but I think it’s well past time to get some other folks involved, those particularly vital in keeping this ministry on track and developing content that really spoke to our readers. So I’ve invited our past columnists to revisit their work as we approach the final quarter of 2020 by writing their columns once again, just one more time, in commemoration of their efforts and the mission of Beneath the Tangles!

A number of our former and present staff heeded the call, and will be revising their past work by doing new posts of their old columns. I’m super excited—the nostalgia is just bursting within me!

Here’s our schedule for these Throwback Thursday columns:

The dates and topics above are subject to change, and, who knows, I may convince another person or two to join along as well! Regardless, it should be a fun, nostalgic trip over the final few months of 2020 for long-time readers, and an introduction to some of our wonderful former writers for newer subscribers.

So stay tuned, turn up the nostalgia, and enjoy!


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