Cosplay Beats: Froppy (Gero Gero)!

I’m excited to formally introduce our newest staff member, Paris! She’s been cosplaying for a number of years, frequents the anime and comic conventions around Texas, and—this is cool and very related to what we do—is a seminary graduate! She’s also a good friend, and I’m excited to have her join our staff as our resident cosplayer. We’ll be featuring photos from her shoots from time to time in this new column. Paris will also be helping us with convention coverage when life gets back to normal and in-person cons return with regularity!

For our first Cosplay Beats, Paris is cosplaying Tsuyu Asui from My Hero Academia! I hope you enjoy the photos of her in all her Froppy glory!

Photography by Sweet Impressions Cosplay. You can follow Paris on Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitch, and Facebook.

16 thoughts on “Cosplay Beats: Froppy (Gero Gero)!

  1. Cool to see the team grow! 👌 What do you mean by seminary graduate though? Did you pursue a degree at a seminary as a layperson or studied to become a priest/deacon/pastor? In my country basically all Christians are Eastern Orthodox so I’m pretty ignorant about what different Protestant denominations allow women to become priests/deacons/pastors and I’m quite confused, sorry 😅 In any of the cases it’s really cool to see someone who’s a huge anime fan studied so deeply to get a better understanding of the Faith!

    Also, while I’m at asking the big questions: what does TWWK stand for? I always wonder that 😆

    1. Hi, there! In the U.S., a number of different degrees are available at seminaries. Programs will differ according to tradition, approach, denomination, etc., and that would apply to what programs women can apply to. Paris, specifically, pursued a counseling degree.

    2. Oh, and “Twwk” is short-hand for “The World We Know.” That was my username from many years ago, one I developed as a revised version of the Collective Soul song title, “The World I Know.”

    3. Yes, TWWK explained it perfectly. I pursued a Master in Biblical Counseling when I was in seminary and am currently working as a Christian counselor. Our program took an integrative approach, incorporating psychology and theology.

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