AniMarch Madness 2021: Quarterfinals (Day 1)

Welcome to week three of AniMarch Madness! Voting continued to be heavy in round two, and unlike the first round, it was full of surprises, none bigger than old man Naruto bringing down the 2020 winner of this tournament, My Hero Academia. Naruto Shippuden dominated the Instagram vote—a real surprise since it usually skews young—and with it carried a narrow victory. Most of the other votes were as close or closer, with Haikyuu vs. Jujutsu Kaisen taking the cake: It wasn’t decided until the final polling platform, Facebook, closed, with the volleyball boys beating the sorcerer upstarts by just five votes.

Who says your vote doesn’t count?

Here’s how the bracket now looks heading into the elite eight:

Enough with the commentary, though—it’s time to vote! We’ll feature two matches today and two more on Wednesday. As always, you can vote on the match-ups below, but we also encourage you to subscribe to our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. The fun there is in participating in the communal aspect of the games, as our subscribers cheer for their favorites and express disdain for others. The social media aspect has also been a way that we can provide voting throughout the week, though we’re going to take that option to the blog as well. Voting on the blog closes at 9am ET Wednesday.

Here are today’s matches:

Shounen / Popular Region

Critical Darlings Region

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