Donate Your Anime, Manga, and Fan Items to Beneath the Tangles

“How can I support Beneath the Tangles?”

We’re sometimes asked this question, and while prayer is the main avenue, followed by financial support and service, there’s an additional way as well.

We often give away items through contests or by other means. However, to be able to give items away, we need to have them stocked! That’s where you come in. If you have new or gently used anime, manga, or fandom items, we’ll be happy to take them as donation to Beneath the Tangles!

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • New or like-new condition manga, light novels, manhwa, and anime-related books
  • Unopened anime DVDs or Blu-Rays
  • Unopened anime soundtracks or J-pop CDs
  • Like-new condition anime figures, preferably new with box
  • Other new or like-new fandom-related items

Let us know what you’d like to donate and we’ll get back to you about accepting these items:

Beneath the Tangles is not a non-profit, so you won’t be able to write off such donations. Still, we’re happy about those of you who consider donating anyway! These gifts help us continue on our mission to develop community and share our faith with otaku.

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