Tangle x Cast 16: Living Unlike the World in Oshi no Ko, Princess Mononoke, A Silent Voice, and Akiba Maid War

One of the great struggles for Christians is figuring out how to navigate life in a world that doesn’t embrace biblical values. How to stay on the narrow path when the culture is so different—and often opposed—to biblical living? Our team finds some examples of how we might do so through how characters in several anime—Akiba Maid War, Princess Mononoke, A Silent Voice, and Oshi no Ko—live their lives. Join Paris, Mike, and Twwk, who’s sitting in for Tyler, as they investigate how those characters walk and talk differently from the world around them!

0:00 Introduction
1:25 Game—This or That
8:40 Spy x Family Cast Question results
10:26 Living biblically in an unbiblical world
11:09 Discussion—Shiipon and Akiba Maid War
17:27 Discussion—Ashitaka and Princess Mononoke
23:42 DiscussionA Silent Voice and an ungracious world
32:40 DiscussionOshi no Ko and idols, authenticity, and culture
45:37 Cast Question
46:15 Closing

Cast Question

What’s your advice for living biblically in an unbiblical culture?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Podcast Links

  • Summer may be just around the corner, but that is indeed Winter kicking off this episode! Elizabeth Maxwell, the voice of RWBY’s Winter Schnee, drops our opening bite. Go follow her on Instagram and Twitter, and check out this story we did with her and this interview we conducted over tea!
  • Interested in watching these series and movies? Oshi no Ko and Akiba Maid War are streaming on HiDIVE. A Silent Voice can be watched on Netflix. And Princess Mononoke is available through Max.
  • Our pal, Christina Kelly, voices Shiipon in Akiba Maid War, whom Mike specifically reflects on, and Miyako in Oshi no Ko. Listen to our interview with Christina in our last Tangle x Cast episode!
  • We’ve reflected on how Ashitaka sees the world differently on Beneath the Tangles before. We’ve also looked at how differently A Silent Voice approaches the culture as well.
  • Bible verses we mentioned or that inspired discussion in this episode include Colossians 2:8, Matthew 6:24, Romans 12:1-2, Mark 10:1-12, James 3:1, and Acts 17:16 and 32.
  • Check out all the other things that Mike, Paris, Tyler, and Dennis (our editor and the fourth member of the Tangle x Cast team) are doing.

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