Your Lie in April Episode 2: I Stand Amazed

Oh, my.  I think this is the series I’ve been waiting for my whole life.

Kaori Miyazono

Episode two of Your Lie in April takes us past the mere introductions of episode one and shows us what the two main characters are all about.  Kousei is further revealed as a damaged young man, traumatized by his mother’s death (and by her life) – and yet as someone who is intentionally kind.  Kaori, the free spirit, demonstrates both her talent and personality through performance, and shows us a hidden timidity as well.

Kaori’s version draws the attention of everyone in the auditorium – in a negative way by sticklers, but in a very positive way by other judges, the audience, and her friends.  Kousei is especially moved.  Although he find Kaori annoying, and reminds himself of such, that isn’t the conclusion he reaches about her.  Ultimately, he decides this:

She is beautiful.

Kousei is almost in awe of Kaori.  And why shouldn’t he be?  She brings something to the table that he hasn’t experienced in years and in a way that he’s never experienced.  The way Kaori performs is for him – and maybe for others as well – perfection.  Kousei is confused and amazed by what he experiences – the same as we would be in the presence of greatness.

In the Bible, that’s how people reacted when they encountered God.  And in the New Testament, they did the same with Jesus.  The Gospel of John records that at Jesus’ arrest, some 200 Roman soldiers fell down at His feet when He declared that He was God.  They were in awe of such holiness and perfection.

For Kousei, Kaori demonstrates such qualities.  There’s something in her that puts an inkling inside his heart, making him want to grow, want to change, want to be a better person.

And it’s more than simply music.


7 thoughts on “Your Lie in April Episode 2: I Stand Amazed

  1. That’s awfully high praise for the second episode, but i have to say that if it continues down this road it’ll definitely be up there in my top 5. I can’t help but think of kids on the slope during this series. It looks like it’ll have some slightly similar elements. I really like the idea a person’s world sparkling.

    1. Yes, I see you went searching for this as well. Chalk it up to Japan’s obsession with anything religious and quasi-Christian (or the opposite, in this case) sounding “cool.”

      1. I checked the corresponding chapter of the manga, is there too.

        Ugh, I dislike when series are ruined like that.

        Something from an occult text… very disturbing.

        These words together were used in a Hayate the Combat Butler episode, a videogame, and a yaoi fan manga too.

  2. “Oh, my. I think this is the series I’ve been waiting for my whole life.”

    It took me a few more episodes than you but I’m feeling the same way today.

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