Anime Fan Art: Attack on Tarot

A number of of us on Beneath the Tangles have a passion for fan art, those wonderful pieces that fans like you and me (but with amazing talent and honed skill) create. I’ll be posting illustrations, mostly developed by artists who have accounts on Pixiv, from time and time. Today, I’m introducing some wonderful tarot card pieces for Attack on Titan. I do believe they’re mostly spoiler-free – that is if you’ve kept up with this season’s episodes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

illustrations by winni | posted with permission

3 thoughts on “Anime Fan Art: Attack on Tarot

  1. Those are really nicely done. When I saw the title “Attack on Tarot,” though, I figured this was going to be an extended discussion of the role of tarot in certain anime, of the controversial treatment of the cards over the years, and of their history in itself (since they weren’t used for the occult for centuries).


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