We (and C.C.) Demand to Know—What’s Your Favorite Pizza?

I love anime. I love pizza. So you’d think I’d also love Code Geass, that perfect melding of two into an action sci-fi where pizza is always being eaten. Alas, it was not to be—but I still am a fan of C.C., that tritagonist (there’s a new word!) that among other things is known as “Pizza Girl.” I’ve love this description of her from the Code Geass wiki:

She has on some episodes worn the Ashford Academy uniform and has her hair tied in twin-tails. This is done to slightly blend in with the student body so she can move around more freely, to pass messages to Lelouch or just to simply find more pizza.

So today, I want to hear from you about your favorite pizza! But first, here’s what some of our writers mentioned when I asked them the same:

Matthew N:

If I have to pick one pizza that was my favorite, it’s probably plain old pepperoni. It’s a classic. That said, the Greek Pizza by Pizza Boli is fabulous. The fantastic Tzatziki Sauce makes it a solid white pizza. Add on the gyro meat, spinach, and feta and I’m a happy camper.


There’s this Filipino pizza franchise called Yellow Cab that I really miss now, and the four cheese pizza with additional pepperoni was the best.

Teresa Christina:

Home made cheese pizza made from ingredients from Trader Joe’s!


…all I’ll say is, just make sure there’s a lot of toppings, and if you can, either put very little cheese or even no cheese. Because I’m a heretic who doesn’t like cheese.

Matt G.:

I’ll have a BBQ chicken pizza with red onion, jalapenos, and shredded mozzarella cheese from the nearest mom and pop pizza joint you can find.


As the resident NYC born staff, you CANNOT go wrong with New York Style pizza. Extra cheese, fold it, and dive in! My goodness I miss NYC pizza…they have some good ones here in Miami!
A local place called Firehouse Pizza has really good pizza. My favorite type in general would be pepperoni, mushrooms, and green pepper—Firehouse is good for that, but I also like making it at home! Then I can pile on tons of toppings, haha.


I’ve never met a slice I didn’t like! And although there are definitely better pizzas, my go-to is sausage and black olives at Papa John’s.

Now it’s your turn! Please tell us what your favorite pizza is—toppings and pizza joint! We want to hear your recs!

Featured illustration by BF. (reprinted w/permission)


37 thoughts on “We (and C.C.) Demand to Know—What’s Your Favorite Pizza?

  1. There’s only one place in my town that serves pizza and it’s name changes so regularly everyone just kind of calls it the take-out (yes, I live in the middle of nowhere). Favourite topping is BBQ Chicken.
    Then again, most of us make our own pizzas out here and toppings include whatever came out on the fruit and veg van that week so there’s been some inventive combinations.

  2. I’m filipino-american, and I’ve never heard of Yellow Cab pizza! It sounds like just the thing for me since I love both 4-cheese pizzas and the classic pepperoni.

    My pizza tastes vary wildly from sometimes wanting strict pepperoni with high-quality meat, to leaning more vegetarian with arugula and sometimes an egg. Then there are the days where I want to order from our local indian pizza place, which has fantastic offerings like tandoori chicken, and butter chicken. Yum!

    Types I’m not so fond of? White-sauce pizzas and any using ranch or bbq sauce.

    1. Indian pizza place?? Tandoori chicken pizza?? Oh my! That sounds so good.

      I don’t like huge sauce pizzas either. 🤮

  3. I’m glad there’s someone on the same wavelength as me! No cheese on my pizzas anytime soon :). I can’t stand the stuff.

    Other than that, I usually go with the tried and true pepperoni and sausage at a local pizza stop called Mellow Mushroom.

  4. I would love to go on an adventurous sampling in Seattles more unique pizza parlors. I love unique pizza combinations. Strawberry and balsamic? Butternut squash and sage? Mad scientist s I tell you. A friend living in Portland said he enjoyed Sauerkraut and sausage pizza. I don’t care for Sauerkraut but I’m always amazed at what can fit on a crust. I’m quite bland in terms of what I eat for pizza. My standard is from Papa Murphy’s. This blog makes me want to cook!

    However I don’t care for pineapple and Canadian bacon pizza. It just doesn’t taste right! LoL

    1. A pineapple pizza hater! Banned!

      Actually, I reallyyyy like the heart-shaped pepperoni pizza that Papa Murphy’s makes for Valentine’s Day. I get one each year.

  5. Haters gonna hate… 😉 I just feel the pineapples sweetness seems so strong that I can barely taste the ham. I’m not against pineapple but maybe it shouldn’t be used as liberally as most pizza places do. There is a place for pineapple on pizza just as the creative possibilities are nearly endless.

    I actually have a good laugh about the heart shaped pizzas. They taste the same as their regular pizzas. I’m just imagining some guy whose clueless about romance showing up with a heart shaped pizza instead of taking his girl out. Nothing says love like slice of heartburn.😁

  6. I like all kinds of pizza, really! (but I have mixed feelings about pineapple)
    I think I mostly have pepperoni tho. Heck, I actually just had an all meat pizza last night!😃 And for pizza joint, I’m not sure yet.

  7. Larry’s pizza, which is just down the road from me (in Little Rock), is an all you can eat pizza buffet – a revolutionary idea. My favourite is the chipotle chicken pizza, because I, apparently, enjoy inflicting pain on myself (it’s pretty spicy). They also serve dessert pizza. The best is the cherry pie pizza.

    Frank, I don’t like cheese either. It’s made me a social pariah.

    1. Timely comment, as I’m actually going to a pizza buffet this afternoon!

      I have a question for ya: I’m going to be attending A-Kon in Dallas in a couple of weeks. I know a lot of folks from Arkansas make their way to that convention—will you be attending?

      1. I actually hadn’t heard of the convention, as I’m still fairly new to the States. I’d probably consider going if not for the fact that I’m visiting my family and friends in England in about a month, so am having to be careful with the cash in anticipation of that! Do you go every year? I’d love to get to meet you someday! I find your blog to be massively encouraging!

        1. Thank you! No, we don’t go every year, but we’re increasingly visiting conventions all around Texas, so maybe we’ll get the chance if you ever come out west!

  8. I’m not sure I totally understand your hatred for Code Geass, but then again I think of the show as “how Mar sees himself, with all the bias and psychological perspective that implies.” Which inherently means we’re viewing the show through the eyes of its quasi-villain. And through those eyes, in that moment, it was either salvage and galvanize the rebellion or risk Brittania defining the narrative instead. His broken, insane, crazy laughter over the next few episodes is pretty indicative of him seeing the only “way to win” left to him, and him hating himself to the bottom of his soul for taking it. I’ve laughed like that naturally, once – It comes from a place of despair, staring into the Abyss. I cannot help but deeply sympathize. A person very much like that is with me, always.

    But ANYWAY…..Plain old cheese. You have to appreciate the classics. : D

  9. Also, for context, TWWK stopped watching the show after the Euphemia murder Geass incident. Granted…His campus encountered something similar then, so in many ways it is pretty justified, but the reasoning that it was cheap flies in the face of what the show actually does.

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