First Impression Summer 2018 Wrap-Up

All but a couple series have premiered this fall 2018 anime season (and some have aired their second or even third episodes), and…well, it’s an interesting season. There are going to be tons and tons of eyes glued to the final season of Fairy Tail, the new season of Sword Art Online, and other returning series, but there are also some interesting new additions. In case you missed them, here are our thoughts on some of the new shows this autumn:

What has you excited so far this season? What are your overall thoughts on the new crop of anime?

Featured illustration by KEApriciti (reprinted w/permission)

One thought on “First Impression Summer 2018 Wrap-Up

  1. I have about half of this season’s anime on my watch list and so far they are pretty good in my opinion. I would say I have three favorites so far this season:
    Honda-san because it is an absolutely bonkers and hilarious take on real life.
    Sword Art Online because I am a big fan of the anime series so far, looking forward to how this season plays out after the first two episodes and I want them married already >:(
    Reincarnated as a Slime because it is a fun twist on the fantasy genre type show with him coming in not as the human hero, but as the quintessential starting monster you kill, a slime. My only qualm with this one so far is a scene spent zooming in slowly on a woman’s bouncing chest, which hopefully is an anomaly and not an indication of the comedy turning sexual often.

    One series I couldn’t get past the first episode was Zombie Land Saga, the whole head banging thing was a little off, and just how pushy and forceful the main male character is towards the main female just rubs me the wrong way given all the recent press on sexual assault.

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