Ghibli Month in Review

Before we bring Ghibli Month to a close, I want to thank everyone who joined us for this month-long celebration of all things Ghibli. We had a lot of fun with it—besides the articles here, we posted memes on Facebook, let you enter a Spirited Away contest on Twitter, and reblogged fan art over on Anime Pop Heart. And we’re not quite done yet! The results of our Studio Ghibli Tournament will post this morning, closing out the month—so stay tuned!

And in the meantime, in case you missed any of it, here’s the rundown on our posts for the month—we hope you’ll check out any articles of interest that you haven’t already and rediscover (or discover the first time!) why this studio is so very special!


Ranking Every Studio Ghibli Movie From 22 to 1

TangleCast 63: The Characters of Spirited Away

Lessons from Ghibli

Choosing Peace In Nausicaa’s Wake

Ashitaka and Porco: Ghibli’s True Believers

The Value of Other Lives in Princess Mononoke

Tales from Earthsea and Ordinary Dragons

Grave of the Fireflies and burying selfishness

Closer Analysis

A New Perspective on Howl’s Moving Castle

Leaving Family for the Princess Kaguya

Only Yesterday (And onto Tomorrow)

Guest Posts

As the Spirit Moves You: How Studio Ghibli Films Leave Room for A Range of Religious Interpretations

When Hannah Was There

Creative Spark and a Whisper of the Heart

Ghibli Fun

Friday Fanart: Studio Ghibli in Silhouette

Casting Nausicaa


3 thoughts on “Ghibli Month in Review

  1. It’s been also been a great YEAR for Studio Ghibli as well! I went to see one of the one-time showings of one of their movies: The Secret World Of Arriety. Me and my mom loved it!

    1. I’m glad you liked it! One of our podcasters, Holly, watched it for the first time recently, too, and also liked it!

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