Throwback Thursday: Valentines Past

Throughout 2020 we’ll be looking back at blog posts from the past we celebrate our 10th year. Ten years…that means ten Christmases, ten Pocky Days, ten birthdays for me (yikes), and 10 Valentine’s Days. That’s not a happy thing for some people (sorry). For others, it can a unique way to look back at our lives: What were you doing on February 14th two years ago? Five? Ten? For some of us, we can trace the heartache, the joy, an all places in between. We might even be able to see the beginnings of relationship that evolved into marriage and family. Some might even see how they’ve changed the way they look at relationships (and even sexuality).

But we’re not going to go that deep! Instead, I’ve got five Valentine’s Day posts we’ve put up over the years that I hope will give you some reading material whether or not you like the holiday. Enjoy!

1. The Greatest Love of All…Is a Yandere?

“Of course I, as a Christian, believe God’s love to be the greatest love in existence; however, merely making such claims is a rather overused approach. Even though so many Christians preach it, it is something incredibly difficult to truly explain. Praising God’s love will only go so far before common sense leads us to wonder how God could possibly love us with so many apparent inconsistencies. Instead, I’d like to make a comparison, one sometimes made in jest but rarely in seriousness. That is God’s love and love of a yandere.” – kaze

2. Domestic Girlfriend and the Idol of Romantic Love

“Romance is a great thing, and romantic stories are some of my favorite stories. However, like all others, romantic love must ultimately kneel in service to God. After all, God created romance as a good thing, as a way to make our lives better and more enjoyable, and thus bring more glory to Him. By that same token, though, that means anytime romantic love tempts us to do something that goes against His commandments, we are to stop and remind ourselves who our true God is.” – stardf29

3. Five Anime Couples to Warm Your Heart on Valentine’s Day

“If you’re going to go that same route and let the romance of the holiday consume you, why not do it with anime? And while anime all too often doesn’t go all the way, officially bringing a boy and girl together at the conclusion of the series, and fans have to settle for shipping their favorites, there are a few pairs that do get together and make for some wonderful couples.”  – twwk

4. Nothing Compares – Steins;gate, Chat Rooms, and Real Love

“Real love is not a thing that’s easily left behind, as it was in my teenage “relationship.”  And it doesn’t give up easily.  It gives and it gives and it gives and it gives and when there’s nothing left to give – it gives some more. Maybe that’s why I like series where the characters have to show love rather than those where they fall into it.  I like it when Ko does little things to take care of Aoba, when a tearful Taiga continues to push Ryuuji toward Minori for his happiness, and when Tomoe throws away bitterness and life to save Kenshin from others (and himself).” – twwk

5. Christian Love in the Nana Fan Base

“That I can be so graced by Nana’s existence and so inspired by her words is God telling me He can use whatever and whoever He wants to bless and guide me. To me, Nana is representative of God’s love for me in tangible form. And seeing Japanese fans has only further cemented this belief.” – kaze

Featured illustration by さみりか (reprinted w/permission)

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