Fanart Friday: Usada Pekora

Are you watching an vtubers these days? We talked a little about the phenomenon, which is growing like crazy especially as many adjust to English-speaking audiences.

Do you have a favorite?

さきの新月 こえていくぺこーら 」 ☆

reprinted w/permission

2 thoughts on “Fanart Friday: Usada Pekora

  1. I “fell into the rabbit hole” around three weeks ago. I never paid attention to vtubers because I don’t play any video games or the like. And I don’t have enough time to watch streams. But… you know, they are very lively. I really like their positivity. They help people take their minds off the preassure which is affecting us all.
    I remember reading a note about people who said vtubers had helped them with their depression, and that moved me. I took an interest in them, but still didn’t have the time to watch their streams.
    I then came upon those famous clips. I got to know them a litle bit, and decided to follow those clippers so that I could know them better.
    Anyways, I really like them all now, specially Ina from HoloEN. She’s got a gentle voice, and her puns are on point. I just listen to her while working, because I don’t play video games haha. And Kiara’s always radiating joy.

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