Tangle x Cast 2: Halloween, Horror Anime, and Holiness

Happy Wednesday, boys and ghouls! With Halloween just around the corner, the Tangle x Cast team haunts the world of horror anime, walking us through some of their recommendations and discussing how faith interacts with the spooky day. Believe me, you’ve never experienced anime, Halloween, and Christian conversation this way before!

We’d also love to hear your feedback! What are your horror anime recommendations? What did we miss?

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0:00 Introduction and catching up
4:56 Horror Anime Recs and a Christian Approach
5:19 Discussion—Mike’s Rec (Hellsing Ultimatespoilers)
15:30 Discussion—Tyler’s Recs (Castlevania, Black Butler and Attack on Titan, and Kakegurui)
22:47 Discussion—Elfen Lied, Gore, Christianity, and redeeming Halloween 
35:38 Discussion—Paris’ Rec (Mirai Nikkispoilersand Junji Ito Collection) and honorable mentions
47:47 Closing

Podcast Links:

  • Did you recognize the voice that started our podcast? That’s Christina Kelly, a good friend of our site and the voice actor for Mary Saotome (Kakegurui) and many other characters. Paris references her friendship with Christina during the podcast, which has turned into a a dynamic one—you can see their dozens of videos together on TikTok! I also encourage you to follow Christina on Instagram and Twitter.
  • We referenced a ton of Bible verses, passages, and books on today’s episode! Here’s the complete list: Habakkuk, Philippians 1:17-18, I Peter 5:8, Rom 14:5 and 13-14, I Cor 10:31, John 18:15-18 and 25-27, and Mark 14:29.
  • Interested in further conversation about watching gory anime, including Elfen Lied, from a Christian perspective? Read our article on that exact topic.
  • Don’t know much about All Saints Day? This article provides a primer on the holiday.
  • Here’s the TikTok video that Paris references about how one woman celebrates Halloween.
  • Want to contribute to a good cause? How about giving through BC Blessings, mentioned by Mike during this episode?
  • What’s chili pepper water? Onolicious calls it “Hawaii’s default condiment.”
  • Did it sound like Paris knows her Kakegurui and Mirai Nikki pretty well? Well, she’s a big enough fan to have cosplayed both Yumeko and Yuno!
  • “The Human Chair” can be found in Junji Ito’s Venus in the Blind Spot, which we reviewed a couple of Halloweens ago.
  • Death Parade was one of the honorable mention recommendations given—it has an all-time great opening and is generally a fantastic series that our previous TangleCast crew covered for a Halloween episode.
  • Check out all the other things that Mike, Paris, Tyler, and Dennis (our editor and the fourth member of the Tangle x Cast team) are doing.

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