Staff First Impressions for Spring 2019 Anime

Spring means Easter, flowers, cherry blossoms, allergies, and anime. LOTS of anime. It’s an exciting time for otaku with so many new series flooding our airwaves, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that there are a lot of good series. So far this season, the reception has been mixed, but @stardf29, @mdmrn, and myself have found a few series we think will be bright spots and a number of shows where it really is just too early to decide, in addition to a few stinkers.

Check out these first impressions posts as you decide what to check out this season. We’ll be updating this as we add our final few posts on the initial episodes of spring.



2 thoughts on “Staff First Impressions for Spring 2019 Anime

  1. Spring also means pollen and love being in the air
    @Rachel why did you stop texting me?

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