Throwback Thursday: BtT’s Top 10 Anime

my hero academia deku

7. My Hero Academia – 20 (Tie)

Before all is said and done, we might post more about My Hero Academia than any other series. There’s simply too much good stuff to talk about in this show, particularly in how it presents its heroes, both in idealized version and flawed. And as a people that look up to superheroes, like its central protagonist, Deku, the content is ripe for commenting. In fact, we’re working on a brand new type of content with the first post being about this series. Stay tuned!

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2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: BtT’s Top 10 Anime

  1. I love Violet Evergarden,,,,, I watched it again last week, my nth time. ^^ Also Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, but for some reason, Evangelion, not so much, although I have 3 dvd versions of it… You are not alone, Neo Genesis, and You can ( not ) advance, Evagelion 2.2

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