Throwback Thursday: BtT’s Top 10 Anime

5. Oregairu – 21

The influence from this series, and particularly from Hiki’s statement of desiring “something genuine,” has profoundly affected this blog. “Authenticity,” the central theme of Oregairu, is at the very center of what we’re trying to be here on Beneath the Tangles. And there’s no doubt that when the final season finally makes it to air, we’ll be digging into the show once again, and likely for years afterwards.

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2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: BtT’s Top 10 Anime

  1. I love Violet Evergarden,,,,, I watched it again last week, my nth time. ^^ Also Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, but for some reason, Evangelion, not so much, although I have 3 dvd versions of it… You are not alone, Neo Genesis, and You can ( not ) advance, Evagelion 2.2

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