Throwback Thursday: BtT’s Top 10 Anime

4. The Promised Neverland – 26 (tie)

When The Promised Neverland was about to air, there was no doubt what I wanted to do with it. Take a queue from the fabulous series of posts by the AV Club on Game of Thrones, I asked TPN fan and or Tumblr admin, Thathilomgirl, to post weekly along with me; I would do the series from the angle of n00b, and she would approach it from a manga reader’s perspective. They remain some of our most visited posts.

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2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: BtT’s Top 10 Anime

  1. I love Violet Evergarden,,,,, I watched it again last week, my nth time. ^^ Also Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, but for some reason, Evangelion, not so much, although I have 3 dvd versions of it… You are not alone, Neo Genesis, and You can ( not ) advance, Evagelion 2.2

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