Celestial Method Episode 5: Hardened Hearts

I have the same routine each week.  I watch an episode of Celestial Method (Sora no Method), and for 90% of the episode, I tell myself that I should drop the show.  I’m not particularly attached to any of the characters.  I find some of them annoying.  And there’s nothing particularly unique about the series.  And then, in the last few minutes, the show does something to keep me hanging on for another episode.  And in this one, I got two for one – a nice ending and one that alleviated one my my biggest frustrations – Yuzuki’s stubbornness.

And yet, it’s that ridiculous, annoying, irrational pride that Yuzuki has which has really made me think about my own heart.  I try to place her attitude (and Shione’s) as typical middle-school angst.  And that it is – but it also probably reflects us better than we think.

sora 5a

Is there anyone in your life that you’re on bad terms with?  Is there any irrational anger you have toward someone or something?  Have you resolved these issues?  I bet if you think hard enough, you’ll be able to find an example that you may not be proud of.

And so, we’re sometimes more like middle schoolers than we admit.

But there’s a flip side to this also.  At the end of episode five, even the raging Yuzuki is finally brought to a tearful humility when faced with an undeserved love, demonstrated by those that she each cares for deeply.  Unlike some adults, who will hold onto hurt and bitterness for years and decades, kids are usually able to let go, even of deep pain.

I’m reminded of my children, who time and time again forgive me for my faults.  Cliche as it sounds, children really do have a purity to them that’s remarkable.  And it continually teaches me the state of my heart, and where I’m meant to be.  Remember what Jesus said about children?

Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.

– Matthew 19:14

So I guess are hearts should be more like middle schoolers after all…though lesser with the angst, and heavier with the forgiveness.


4 thoughts on “Celestial Method Episode 5: Hardened Hearts

  1. I’m convinced that this is a disguised PA Works animation. It has everything your standard PA Works has (including your basic aversion to it, Charles!).

    I’ve been feeling pretty much the same. Meh until the end and then WHAM!

    I also really love the ED visuals and song (I love Fhana!).

    Great article as usual, anyway!

    1. Yeah, the PA Works of it all really hit me this episode. I kept thinking, “This is exactly how Hanasaku Iroha made me feel” (which was very frustrated). Have we reached the point where animators are mimicking PA Works? :O

  2. It’s not really pride though, spoiler:

    It’s guilt; she blamed herself for her brother’s injury when he went to look for her during the fireworks as kids, but then transferred all that self-loathing to the saucer itself. It was ironic; as long as everyone opposed her fighting the saucer she could keep her self-delusion up, but when Nonoka actually made an effort to aid her, it started kicking all the props she used to avoid the truth. It was a better explanation than I thought, and explained her prickliness and stubbornness well; she couldn’t stop and think because she’d be reminded that it wasn’t the saucer’s fault at all.

    1. Yeah, I pretty much bought into guilt as her reason as well, particularly in light of her age (I think the series is doing a good job in portraying kids as kids). Still, and I didn’t make this clear in my write-up, I think the ultimate barrier in making amends for her is pride. I’m inclined to match C.S. Lewis’ thoughts about pride, feeling that it kind of underlies all our sins. It works hand in hand with Yuzuki’s sense of guilt, as she’s built up this idea of knowing what the right approach is, shutting out (until now) a chance as forgiveness (for herself and given to others).

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