Vote for the Best Anime of 2019

While anime is more popular than ever, is it better than ever, too? Judging by the sheer number of wonderful series this year, that might just be the case! Last week on Facebook and Twitter, we asked you to help us develop a list of nominees to determine the best anime of 2019. With your help, we narrowed the field of more than 225 anime series that premiered in 2019 to a group of ten excellent nominees. Now you get to vote to determine the best anime of 2019.

Check out each of the series, listed in alphabetical order and starting with Chihayafuru below, or jump straight to the poll to vote. We’ll leave this open through December 31st at midnight ET, and give you the results a few into 2020! Happy voting!

Now onto the list!

1. Chihayafuru (season 3)

More than six years after season two aired, Chihayafuru returned with a third season, continuing the story of childhood friends Chihaya, Arata, and Taichi as they compete in the traditional Japanese card game of karuta. More intense than previous seasons, Chihaya and Arata have their eyes set on becoming the very best karuta players in the nation, as the queen and king positions come further into focus, while Taichi, having reached the A-level, focuses on his growth as a player as well. New characters and old mingle with the plot shifting from school tournaments to ones including the very best Japan has to offer.

Read our articles about Chihayafuru and stream it on Crunchyroll.

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